Behind The Scenes

I’ve always enjoyed the special features included on my favorite DVDs. The peek behind the scenes has inspired me to pursue a life behind the scenes. That is where the magic happens, and the little mini-docs that give the audience a chance to meet the crew, or see how the shots are accomplished have always been as much fun as the movie itself. As my own passion for the process has grown to compliment my interest in telling a great story, I’ve found that the art of BTS appeals to both aspects of my character. I just love showing up on set and exposing the secrets, capturing the candid moments, and providing insight into the director’s motivations. On top of the pure enjoyment that a BTS can provide the viewer, It’s also GREAT promotional content for a website. Where do you think they get all those funny outtakes that show up in the credit roll? I always recommend having a documentarian on-site for any production, and when that is me, I am happy to go above and beyond to produce a BTS that is better than the production itself in many ways… I guess that depends on who you ask… Anyway, here are a few of my favorites.

Kaylee Rutland: Photo Shoot BTS

Kaylee Rutland: Music Video BTS

iostudio: Lee Company BTS

iostudio: Nossi College of Art BTS

Westwood Avenue: Ginger Jones BTS



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