Zuus Promos

I was lucky enough to work for a digital upstart called ZUUS a few years ago. The relationships and skills I gained during that period of my career have served me very well, and continue to be valuable assets to this day. I learned a lot about the digital landscape, and about what it takes to get a good idea off the ground and in front of the desired audience. I also picked up some pretty serious production skills in the process. I spend a lot of time in Adobe After Effects, key framing and practicing the art of 3-D animation on a 2-D plane. I was also given the opportunity to do a lot of writing and producing, leading a small production team in the conception and execution of original content. The following selections are some of my favorite promo that I produced and edited. I’ve also included one or two episodes for which I produced the opening sequence and acted as a shooter during production.


ZUUS: See More Music Promos


Zuus: On The Road W Darius Rucker (Full Episode)

Zuus: On The Road W A Thousand Horses (Full Episode)


Zuus: Cotton Mill Live Premiere Promo



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