The National Guard

I’ve been doing video work for the Guard for years. I was introduced as a sub-contractor with iostudio, and eventually accepted a position “on base” in Little Rock Arkansas. I served as a civilian contractor – videographer/editor in their SRSC division, supporting recruiters with recruitment and retention by making awesome “Hooah” vids detailing all the benefits offered to those who are called to serve. It has been a distinct honor to provide my skills for a cause that I can really support. The men and women I’ve had the pleasure of working with are some of the best I’ve ever met, and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in my own, special way. Here are a few of the pieces I worked on.

iostudio/GX Magazine: “Ghillie Suit”

iostudio/ “Counterdug Ops”

The National Guard: “Sisters in Arms” Promo

The National Guard: Air Assault School Promo

The National Guard: “Hometown Heroes”

The National Guard: Recruit Sustainment Program

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