Music Videos

I’ve only done a handful of Music Videos myself, but I’ve worked on several more. I love the Music Video format for a few reasons. First, the idea that this “mini-movie” can establish a narrative, a conflict (and sometimes) a resolution, and it can showcase the performer in a controlled, ideal way. With the right planning, and techniques, the artist becomes a kind of superhero, able to do so much more than just sing and dance… With multiple set-ups and locations, costumes, angles, and artistic flair, a Music Video becomes a visual calling card and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. Usually, just seeing a live performance, or simply listening to the song falls grossly short of the powerful message we can deliver for the Artist in a Music Video.

Here are a few examples of Music Videos I’ve put together. Mostly in a director’s capacity, I have also served as the primary editor. I’ve used a handful of shooters, including myself. I’ve found that a team effort is often necessary if we want to take full advantage of the controlled environment and focused themes that make a successful Music Video.

Hiphi The AV Professional: I’m an AV Professional

This was one of my first, and still one of my favorites. It effectively catapulted my good friend Phil into AV Installer Stardom when it became a viral sensation within the niche industry. He’s performed at trade shows, been a guest on several highly-regarded podcasts, and has even been recognized as a leader in the AV Industry, all thanks to THIS Music Video.

Kaylee Rutland: Trick Candle

After doing some behind the scenes work for Kaylee, she asked me to produce this video for her. There aren’t a lot of frills, but the shots are as good as the performance, and we were happy with the outcome. My good friend Zack Wilson ran the camera on this one.

Devo/ Love and Death: Whip it Better

I had a lot of fun on this one. I took a cover version of the Classic Devo song “Whip It,” and re-cut the original video to match the newer version. I used re-timing to get the singer’s mouth to fit the difference in delivery. I also added a lot of video noise and frame drops, some compositing, and some desaturation, mostly just to make the once silly and ridiculous video a little darker and add some uncomfortable subtext. It was a labor of love, and I am proud of how it turned out, even if it was just something I did for my own amusement.

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